Ill, elderly patients, and non-drivers face transportation challenges every day. This also includes patients who can’t access public transportation or mass transit. This creates anxiety in the patient as they have to deal with the stress of trying to find out how they are going to make it to their next medical appointment. What’s worse, what are those to do that don’t have available family members to take them to said appointments? Non-emergency air medical transport is the only answer for many. Non-emergency medical transportation is for those who need nonlife-threatening assistance other than a car or taxi. These special transportation services have the capabilities to assist patients who are in wheelchairs, stretchers or have other special needs. Imagine how difficult it can be for someone wearing a cast to board and use public transportation.

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This also makes it impossible and in most cases illegal for such patients to operate their own motor vehicle. Patients who have just gotten out of surgery are also most likely under the influence of pain medication which also impairs their ability to drive. Getting to follow-up appointments is often crucial to recovery. Non-emergency medical transportation services are usually booked through transportation brokers. They are the middlemen who can locate transport providers that are available to you and can schedule them to take you to your destination.

The brokers can find many different types of non-medical transportation such as; standard vehicles and specialized vehicles to fit any patient’s needs. Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers, gurneys and the entire realm of non-emergency medical equipment that a person may have should be manageable with these modern systems. Non-medical transportation and their brokers are so important in allowing those to maintain their independence without putting a burden on their friends and family. This lessening of anxiety amongst the patient can help them through a speedy recovery. Prices vary because they are based on your specific needs and the length of where you need to travel. Your non-medical transportation broker will help you find transportation that is within your budget.

medical transportPatients rely on non-medical transportation because if for not, they wouldn’t be able to travel to and from important medical services. Sadly over 3.6 million people and those low-income patients delay or lack medical care due to inaccessibility to transportation. As previously mentioned, the method of transportation that you choose is dependent on your current state of health. If you are fully mobile you will be able to easily use a taxicab or a personal automobile to get you to the medical center of your choosing, using your own car or a taxi is a great way to ensure that you get to your location safely and on time. If you cannot operate your car or even enter a vehicle you can transport via a wheelchair accessible transportation service.

These cars are designed with lifts that will help you and your wheelchair reach your medical appointment or other destination. These electric lifts allow the client/patient to be loaded into the vehicle while remaining in the wheelchair the entire time. For those who have even more serious mobility issues, they can use AmbuTrans services that are extremely beneficial. AmbuTrans vehicles have all of the equipment necessary to ensure a limited amount of care while making sure you are at your most comfort. This type of non-medical transportation service is staffed by medical professionals that have the experience to assist you with all types of medical conditions.