Non-Medical Transport

Acc medlinkSo who qualifies to receive the benefits of transportation? Many different types of medical insurance plans will pay for non-medical transportation services. However, there are some plans under a variety of health care plans that do not offer non-medical transport services. You will need to contact your insurance to double check. Non-medical transportation brokers can also help you find out this information. While the transportation services mentioned above will get you to your medical appointment there are places that they will not transport you to.

These places include by are not limited to a pharmacy, substance or treatment abuse rehabilitation, school transportation for you or your child, psychiatric appointments or rehabilitation, adult day care services or services provided inside your home. You have many rights if your request for a non-medical transportation service is denied. If you are denied the non-medical transportation service will send you a letter with specific instructions on what to do. You have the right to a proper State Fair Hearing and can have a family member or attorney assist you.