Types of Medical Transportation


Believe it or not you may need medical transportation when your situation is not an emergency the purpose of medical transportation is to get you from one place to the next so you will not have to drive. There are several non-emergency situations you may be in starting with riding with someone in an ambulance or other form of medical transportation, using a transportation van if you are in a wheelchair, and if you are an elderly person. There are benefits that go along with these services and will make you admit that you do need transportation services.

You may have had family members or friends that you have called an ambulance or even to have them airlifted at the scene. You would need to transport them to the hospital. While you are being transported this is considered a non-emergency situation for you. On the ride to the hospital, you will be there to hold the hand of your loved one. You can cry with them, talk to them, or anything else to let them know that everything will be okay. Trying to make them laugh would also be a good gesture.



The paramedics will do their part to make sure they have fluids or give them a needle to sedate them if they are confused and acting crazy. The job of the paramedics is also to make sure to keep your loved one alive on the ride to the hospital. At that time you can also ask any questions you may have. The main benefit to riding along in an ambulance is to show your support for that special person lying on the stretcher. They cannot make it through without that support. This is the same thing for someone who is airlifted from your location to the hospital.


Another non-emergency transportation would be a bus or a van for the disabled. Being disabled makes it hard for you to get around on your own and you need the extra help. Most, if not all, busses or vans have wheelchair accessibility to make it easier for you to get in. You may be able to get up to go inside the van yourself. If that is the case there will be people there to help you up and in the van as well as take care of your wheelchair for you. If you are not able to stand up on your feet, then you can ride in the van.
wheelchair The benefits to this situation would be that you have medical staff to help you, and they will let you know when it is safe to release the back door. For the vans that do not have that, the driver will get out after the van is lowered more towards the ground and will wheel you out. You never have to be afraid and you will always be safe especially since you are not in an emergency situation.

Medical Transportation for The Elderly

Many elderly people, especially if they are in their nineties or hundreds, refuse to drive even if they are in perfect health. The reason for that is because anything could happen, and they want to be on the safe side. The perfectly healthy elderly men and women may have transportation as well. They may have vehicles at their apartment or nursing home that will take them where they need to go. They may want to go to the movies or to a home of a relative. Make sure you check the times for pick up or ask what they are so you will be on time. Most of the time the reason they are living in nursing homes or apartments is that they do not want to be alone, and they know there will be people there to help them if needed. The benefit to using medical transportation in this non-emergency situation is that you have the freedom to go when you want and where you want.

Getting the Extra Help and Helping Those in Need

Many people do not like to admit when they need help even if it is for non-emergency services because they like the feeling of being independent. Do not be afraid to ask for a little extra assistance even though you may not need it. Whether you are riding with someone who is seriously injured, you get by in a wheelchair, or you are an elderly person that needs a bit more help than most people; you can take advantage of medical transportation services. Their staff is trained to help in any situation that is not an emergency.