Transportation During Cancer Treatment


Patients with cancer are in for a long course of treatment. A typical course of treatment involves chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. After any of these treatments, it will not be safe for the patient to drive themselves home. This means the patient will need transportation both to and from the treatment center.

During treatment, the cancer patient’s immune system is compromised. They aren’t even supposed to consume raw eggs because of the higher than normal risk of getting ill. This is no time to take the bus or even a cab. They need clean medical transport, not public transportation. Public transportation is downright dangerous for someone who is very ill, possibly recently stitched up, and who has an impaired ability to fend off infection, cold or flu.
patient The flu can be deadly under the best of circumstances. It sometimes kills previously healthy individuals in the prime of life. For someone undergoing cancer treatment, it is extremely dangerous.

Many cancer patients call upon family for transporting them to and from their medical appointments. This can be a hardship for the family, interfering with their ability to work full time. Even when it is not, over time family members can become burned out. Being able to hire medical transportation periodically to help fill in the gap can be game-changing and sanity-saving.

Cancer treatment has come a long way over the years. The odds of survival have been generally trending upwards for a long time now. The patients who have the best odds of fully recovering and returning to a full life again are those who manage to take excellent care of themselves during the course of treatment. Having proper transportation arranged can be a part of that package of care.

healing In some cases, the best available care is in another city or even another state. If a cancer patient cannot drive themselves to the local hospital for care, they certainly cannot drive themselves to another city or state for treatment. If treatment in another city or state is required once a week for many months, this is also not something family can provide. This is an excellent time to seek private medical transportation.

Cancer is a serious condition and the treatment for it is a hardship to endure. After treatment, patients are not capable of driving. During some parts of their recovery, they may not be capable of driving themselves to treatment either. Medical transportation is the ideal solution for many of these situations. It can help patients take proper care of themselves and focus on getting well. This ups the odds of a full recovery, after which they can return to a normal life.